@ your fingertips - get to know Harmony  Solutions

We target and reach the right audience for all your marketing needs.  We effectively use all marketing and communication channels and the latest techniques to present and position your organization.  Further,  Harmony Solutions incorporates your brand strategy into fresh ideas and evaluates the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.  We do this through:

  • Research association members’ and  targeted non-members’ needs and wants, and their response to program offerings
  • Help design and manage your marketing needs
  • Disseminate membership information to individual members and coordinators of geographic and special interest groups
  • Plan and implement aggressive new member and member retention campaigns
  • Design and produce promotional materials for all types of event, media and communication channels
  • Design and produce membership newsletters and magazines
  • Position your association representatives as the "go to" place for comments, quotes and insights on your industry focus
  • Provide clear and concise membership communications
  • Reinforce the value of association membership and promote conference attendance